What are the Potential Effects for Any Traffic Offences?

Should you decide to plead guilty or are found guilty of any type of traffic offence, the magistrate will then decide on which penalties you shall be given.

  • You may receive a various penalties and demerit points all depending on the kind of offence.

When the decision is being decided on what penalties should be handed out, the magistrate will look at matters such as:

  • The seriousness of your offence
  • Whether you have been found guilty of similar offences in the past
  • What else is occurring at the time of the incident in your life

The possible consequences for any traffic offences are as follows.

  • Criminal record

What occurs in the court will be entered into your criminal record.

This will include:

  • The finding of guilt
  • Any conviction, if there are any
  • Penalties and fines

The court and the police are able to view your criminal record. And it is frequently the case that they will let other interested parties know exactly what is in it. For instance, having a criminal record, especially with convictions, can make it a lot more difficult for you to get some types of employment or get visas for some overseas countries.

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In the Case of Demerit points

  • You may receive one or more demerit points for a number ofdriving offences.
  • All points are duly recorded against your driver’s licence or permit.

In the Case of Fines

  • Nearly all traffic offences are found punishable by a fine (or fines).
  • The exact amount you can be fined will depend on the type of offence.

You should inform the magistrate if you believe that you may have any trouble paying the fine and there some options.

You can ask the magistrate to:

  • Make a planwhereas you can pay by instalments
  • Be given community work,rather than that of a fine.
  • If you refuse to pay, the court may then issue a warrant for your arrest.
  • You can immediately pay the fine at any Magistrates’ Court. Simply ask the staff at the court counter for assistance.

The Loss of One’s Driving licence

Your licence might be suspended for a set period of time or, for a more serious type of offence, disqualified.

  • During this period, you are not normally allowed to drive at all and with no exceptions. For instance, you cannot drive any vehicle to your place of employment or go to pick up your children.
  • There are very harsh penalties for anybody who is caught driving when they are not supposed to.

Matters of Alcohol

  • Should you happen to lose your driving licence due to drink driving (DUI) you will need to go back to court to retrieve your licence at a later date.

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