Visit Makassar and Get Yourself that Adrenaline Rush

If you have ever been told to visit makassar, chances are great that the first reaction you give as a response would be a frown. Why? Well, Makassar is not actually on the list of most visited destinations in Indonesia. Even your most hardcore travel-junkie of a friend is probably having a hard time trying to wrap his mind around the suggestion. But that suggestion is as valid as the fact that the sun rises up at the horizon every morning. Makassar is a less exposed tourist magnet. When it comes to Indonesian holiday, Bali takes the cake. You can ask your friends to tell you where to go to in Indonesia and they would unanimously tell you to visit Bali.

None of them would even suggest a visit makassar holiday. But there are two kinds of people in this world: one that seeks a rather “safe” holiday and one that looks for some thrills. If you are of the latter group, Makassar should be on your list. Those who prefer a “safer” holiday would position themselves behind a tour guide and rely on a translator to stay away from having to interact with locals. They would also choose a fancy hotel and make sure they visit each and every hyped attraction there is in a city. While there is nothing wrong with that, you might lose the point; traveling should be about adventure. It is about challenging your own self to be brave enough to take a road less traveled and experience a reinvigorating holiday ever. When you make it to explore the unknown, you have truly embraced the meaning of going on a trip. It is a rewarding experience that freshens up your soul. And this is just the kind of value that you will be presented with when you go to Makassar.

Plan your visit makassar holidays and be ready for the following adventures:

  1. Take in the magical charm of KodingarengKeKe Island

Okay, it is an island. So, what makes it different from other islands? If you are a seasoned traveler, the presence of an island would not be that much of an exciting thing to look forward to, right? Well, what about an uninhabited island that offers everything it has only for you. You could be someone hailing from a big city somewhere and that makes it a treasure to be able to experience a holiday at an island that is virtually empty. The KodingarengKeKe is an uninhabited island but to say that it’s completely abandoned is somewhat false otherwise it wouldn’t be somewhere tourists are directed toward. But the charm is there: when you visit the island, you won’t find piles of people taking beach photos. Snorkeling and diving are recommended while you’re in the island as the coral reefs are beautifully preserved here.

  1. Feel your adrenaline rushing from sliding off a waterfall

Bantimurung Waterfall is located within the confine of Bulusaraung National Park, where you can enjoy sliding off the waterfall. Measuring at 43,750 hectares in width, the national park is an area composed of predominantly karst and is home to 28 caves, 33 of which are prehistoric.

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