The Process For An Auto Accident Claim

Auto accidents contribute to hundreds of injuries and fatalities throughout the country. Several factors can play a role in determining the outcome of a personal injury case for these accidents. The primary factor is whether or not the at-fault driver had auto insurance coverage at the time of the accident. A local attorney can help victims navigate through this process.

Gathering the Necessary Evidence

The attorney starts by gathering necessary evidence for the personal injury case. This starts with an assessment of the accident report and depositions of all witnesses that saw the accident. The victim’s medical records are needed as well to present evidence of their injuries.

Was an Insurance Claim Filed?

Next, the victim must present any information about an auto accident claim that was filed by the at-fault driver. Typically, if the victim has received any compensation from an insurance policy, they don’t qualify for a personal injury claim. However, if the medical expenses exceed the limitations of the policy, it is still possible for the victim to start a legal claim to collect any additional costs.

What Financial Losses Did the Victim Face?

The financial losses experienced by the victim must be calculated and attached to the claim. The victim must submit all their invoices for medical treatment related to the accident injuries. Even if their health insurance paid these costs, they will include these expenses in the legal claim. These expenses are the responsibility of the at-fault driver.

Where There Criminal Charges Connected to the Case?

Any time that criminal charges are connected to an auto accident claim the outcome of the criminal case could affect the civil action. If the at-fault driver is convicted of a DUI, this could improve the chances of an award in the civil case.

Auto accidents generate serious injuries and could lead to fatalities in some cases. When these accidents happen, it is vital for the victim to discuss the accident with an attorney quickly. They should provide all details they can remember. Victims of these accidents should contact an attorney to acquire information about the Auto accidents and personal injury trial process.

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