Becoming the Perfect Tenant

Many renters fail to understand their rights and responsibilities when leasing property from another person or entity. Each jurisdiction has their own rules and regulations in regard to this type of contract, yet certain things remain consistent no matter where a person resides. Following are five things a person can do to be considered the ideal tenant in the eyes of their landlord.

Pay the Rent on Time

Landlords depend on rent coming in for income and often to pay the mortgage. When the rent is not delivered in a timely manner, this may create a cash flow problem for the landlord or property owner. Always remit the rent on time, as doing so has a positive impact on the entire relationship.

Be Quiet Tenants

A person may assume that renting a property gives them the freedom to do as they please. One should always be respectful of the neighbors, however, especially when renting.

If a tenant is very noisy, the landlord will likely receive numerous complaints from these neighbors and he or she won’t appreciate this. Abide by the local noise ordinance and keep it down, particularly during the week when children have school and most adults have work.

Keep All Activities Legal

Don’t engage in one or more illegal activities on the premises. For example, find out if a commercial enterprise can be set up in the home. If it cannot, don’t do so. The landlord may find he or she is in legal trouble with the authorities based on the actions of the tenant, so it’s best to avoid this issue completely. Know the laws and abide by them at all times to prevent problems.

Abide by the Contract

Don’t assume you can rent a property and then sublet it on Airbnb or another site of this type. Subletting is prohibited in most rental contracts and should be avoided any time a property is being leased.

Leave the Property As It Was When You Rented

Don’t modify the property without written permission from the landlord. It’s best to avoid modifications completely, however, as the landlord may have a different vision of the completed project and be unhappy when it is done. Buy property if you wish to make it your own.

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